About us

Founded in 1974 as more than just a newspaper distributor; we are a dynamic and professional media circulation and marketing agency.  This is what has enabled us to stay in business for over a quarter century.

As the agency that originally brought most out-of-town papers into Washington, DC for delivery to our exclusive government clients on a day-of-issue basis, Southwest has supplied periodicals to the most demanding clients in the nation’s capital, in the government and the private sector.  Our experienced management staff and our carrier delivery force, all have photo identification as well as appropriate security clearances to access sensitive areas on a daily basis in the early morning hours.
Southwest is open around the clock, seven days a week 365 days a year.  We understand the importance of delivering the News to our clients in a timely fashion, as well as being available to our exclusive clients for last minute adjustments in volume or delivery locations to account for every contingency.



Phone (202) 678 – 8350       Fax: (202) 889 – 9209


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