Home Delivery

Southwest was founded as a home delivery agency, serving the southwest sector of Washington, DC for the Washington Post.  While we have grown to include many other services, Home Delivery is still our main focus.  We have increased our delivery area over time to cover over 150 zip codes in the metro area providing same day service of over 50 titles delivered direct to your door.


Business & Government
Southwest has been servicing the highest levels of the Government and private sector since 1976.  In order to continuously provide the best service possible, Southwest maintains security clearances to many of the most secured locations in DC. Timely, accurate delivery of newspapers and magazines are absolutely essential; Southwest Distribution is the choice of the most sensitive government agencies and highest profile clients in Washington.



Alternate Delivery

Southwest offers same day delivery of time sensitive publications to 20 Major Metropolitan markets in the US and Canada.

Southwest is a cost – saving delivery alternative to the US Postal service and other same day carriers for news and business material.


Retail Sales

Southwest, services retail locations in the Metro area and can provide the most comprehensive title selections in town. We offer morning and afternoon delivery to all of our customers to ensure that out of town newspapers can be sold day of issue. We work closely with our locations to maximize sales. By making two deliveries daily we can restock any store with any title.


Southwest offers the most extensive and experienced vending service in town. We service all of our machines twice daily to prevent sell – outs and to monitor sales as a whole. Southwest performs weekly draw audits to maximize sales and minimize returns. In addition, Southwest employs the newest technology ensuring accuracy of delivery and return information on a daily basis.



Southwest delivers the world’s newspapers and magazines to millions of readers the way they want to receive them wherever they live, travel, work or play.  Utilizing the most innovative digital publishing technology in the industry, NewspaperDirect recognized as the world leader in multichannel content distribution and monetization, and is the chosen partner of more than 2,100 publishers from 95 countries.


Phone (202) 678 – 8350       Fax: (202) 889 – 9209

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